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Volunteering: Documentation Cleanup

OpenC++ is accompanied by a set of HTML files documenting its API, which need to be maintained in parallel with the API implementation. This makes it difficult to keep the documentation in synch with the implementation. In fact documentation is currently severa releases behind the implementation. This poses a problem, especially for OpenC++ Core Lib, which needs decent up-to-date documentation.

Currently documentation is being trasferred into JavaDoc annotations in source code. We are looking for somebody who could help with this job This will hopefully reduce the effort of maintaining documentation separately from the source code and make all discrepancies more apparent.

This is a perfect project for somebody who would like to play around with documentation generation tools like Doxygen, JavaDoc or Synopsis. Also there is some room for applying other technologies (e.g. CSS, XML) and we would welcome it as an addition (however this is not essential for completion of this project).

For more info send an e-mail to Grzegorz Jakacki. If you don't get any answer within 3 working days, please resend.

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