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OpenC++ Core is C++ frontend and refactoring library. OpenC++ Core originates from OpenC++ metaprogramming framework and aims to be highly modular and reusable. OpenC++ Core is currently under active development.


Download from anonymous CVS at SourceForge:

    export CVSROOT
    cvs -d login
    cvs -z3 co occ-core
or download a daily snapshot:


OpenC++ Core is distributed under OpenC++ License allowing unlimited usage in free or commercial software without fee. We are working on relicensing OpenC++ code under one of standard open-source licenses giving similar freedom.

Support and Discussion

Ideas, issues and bugs pertaining to OpenC++ Core are discussed in opencxx-users mailing list.


  • Build test harnesses for lexer and parser.
  • Import lexer and parser testcases from GCC.
  • Make the ownership of resources explicit and remove dependencies on libgc.
  • Separate lexer pass from parser pass by introducing a lexem buffer.
  • Set up testing under Kylix, VC++.NET and Cygwin.
  • Uniformize AST nodes.
  • Move member functions out of public interface of classes, where possible.
  • Rework and uniformize visitation interface.
  • Complement JavaDoc documentation and publish it on the website.
  • Set up test harness and tests for type manipulation.
  • Rework type manipulation code to allow arbitrarily complex types.
  • Rework parser to support correct binding of identifiers in member functions and default arguments.
  • Implement convenience wrappers arount AST nodes.
  • Add AST nodes for preprocessor symbols.
  • Make lexer preserve simple symbols and includes unexpanded.


For more info send an e-mail to Grzegorz Jakacki. If you don't get any answer within 3 working days, please resend.